‘Elizabeth’ the Filly

FILLY FOR SALE for $16,000

Born: May 3, 2017
Sire: Tjaarda 483 Sport Elite
Dam: Hailey (Sipke 450 Sport)
Motherline: Stb-Stb-Star
Email: deboer@friesianconnection.com

Dressage riders and breeders – be discerning in the type of Friesian you choose!

Elizabeth is being offered to an approved home only – one that focuses on dressage or  breeding for dressage type Friesians.  Her pedigree is full of proven successful dressage sires and FEI level competitors.  If you take time to research, you will see that both in Europe and in the US the most successful FEI horses are coming out of lines that are not typically keuring champions.  Also, a common factor is a low kinship. This is not a coincidence!   Elizabeth’s pedigree suggests she will be well suited for dressage.

New owner must be willing to put Elizabeth in the ABFP test (offspring testing for her sire) as a 3 year old if needed.  Ideal new home would be in the mid-west to make participation in the ABFP feasible. If a suitable home is not found, we have plans to add her to our breeding program with a specific focus on producing offspring for dressage.

Elizabeth is priced at $16,000.