Alert 475 Sport

Jasper Sport + Preferent x Hearke Sport + Preferent

Sadly no longer available

Deceased June 29, 2015

  • The Friesian Connection


Alert 475 Sport was born in the Netherlands in 2000 with the name Casper van de Oostwal. He was owned and trained by Saskia Meinema. In 2010 Saskia brought Alert 475 Sport to the U.S. so that he could perform with her in the opening ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games as part of the 10 stallion Friesian Train. Following that performance Alert was sold to the partnership of Jim and Sally Bedeker and Robert and Arlene DeBoer. In 2012 Alert 475 (under the name Casper van de Oostwal) began competing in USDF with rider Stacy Posthumus at PSG and I-1. With scores consistently in the mid 60’s Stacy and Casper were awarded the FHANA Dressage Performance award for 2012. On January 12, 2013 the KFPS jury informed us that Casper was invited to take the short test of the central proving for stallions based on his dressage performance scores. On March 2, 2013 the KFPS judges approved him as a breeding stallion and since he then has to have a Friesian name, his name was changed to Alert 475 Sport. His name is pronounced “AHL-ert”. He is standing at the Friesian Connection Stallion Station.

To see Alert’s pedigree and stallion data sheet, click here.

 June 29, 2015

It is with heavy hearts that we are informing the Friesian community that Alert 475 has passed away. He touched many of us with his beauty and grace but will be most deeply missed by his owners, Jim and Sally Bedeker and his caretakers Amy Kroll and Janice VerMerris of the Friesian Connection Stallion Station.

Alert (also known as Casper van de Oostwal) was born in the Netherlands in 2000. He was born at the stable of Jaap Van Nieuwenhuyzen and Saskia Meinema. While Jaap competed with Alert in driving, Saskia was Alert’s partner in dressage through 2010 when she brought him to the World Equestrian Games to be part of the 10 stallion Friesian train.

After his performance at the WEG, Saskia sold Alert to Jim Bedeker and Robert DeBoer. Alert then began to compete in the U.S. with Stacy Posthumus as his rider. In the spring of 2013 Alert was approved by the KFPS as a breeding stallion. While primarily focusing on his job in the breeding shed, Alert also became the mount of Amy Kroll’s 17 year old daughter Ellisa – helping her earn her bronze medal and part of her silver medal in dressage.

Alert was a very special stallion who always wanted to please. He was very sweet to everyone, somehow able to connect with each person who was around him. He shared his stable with Mintse, Fridse, Date and Julius…and they all seem to notice his absence today.


• Born: April 18, 2000
• Height: 16.2 hands
• Sire: Jasper 366 Sport + Preferent
• Dam Sientje v.d. Oostwal Star Preferent
• Dam’s sire: Hearke 254 Sport + Preferent
• Stam 25
• First stallion ever to be approved in North America based on Dressage performance
• Competed up to I-1 in USDF with scores in the mid 60’s, schooling Grand Prix dressage

Deceased: June 29,2015

Breeding Contract

No longer available