Fridse 423 Sport

Teunis Sport x Nammen

deceased October 30,2018
** Frozen Semen all sold – no longer available


Fridse passed away in 2018.  There is a limited supply of frozen semen available.  Please check our breeding contract section for information.

Fridse was born in the Netherlands in 2001. After several years of breeding in the Netherlands he was imported to the USA where he stood at stud at Wish Upon A Ster Friesians (owner Steven Feys) through the 2011 breeding season. In December of 2011 Fridse was purchased in a partnership between Jim and Sally Bedeker and Louis and Julia Dorfman. The owners of Fridse have honored the Friesian Connection Stallion Station with the privilege of standing Fridse at stud.

Fridse is permanently approved on offspring. He is by the late, great Teunis 332 Preferent, and out of a Star mare who has also produced another KFPS approved stallion, Bente 412. Fridse has better than excellent KFPS test scores for his approval and his progeny test-offspring approval. The KFPS offspring judging resulted in comments regarding Fridse’s impressive contribution to the breed with each foal he produces. The fact that, while in Holland and even after a late start to the 2005 breeding season (following the performance exam), Fridse bred the maximum number of mares clearly demonstrates the confidence breeders in Friesland had in this stallion.

During Fridse’s progeny testing for permanent approval, two of the tested offspring earnedabove 80 on their IBOP tests. This was written up in the KFPS magazine (as well as on-line), as it was quite a remarkable accomplishment. Since then Fridse has had at least one daughter earn Crown status in Europe. Fridse’s offspring most frequently achieve star status, more so than nearly any other stallion worldwide. His offspring foal scores and influence are off the charts, and when you have one Fridse baby — you want another. They are personable, incredibly sweet natured and have a certain presence about them – a movie-star-like-confidence with a look at me showiness. Fridse foals are also correct in conformation and move incredibly well.


It is with heavy hearts that we are informing the Friesian community that Fridse 423 Sport has passed away. For the past month Fridse has not been feeling well and despite our best efforts and excellent veterinary care Fridse passed away peacefully on October 30, 2018.

Fridse was a son of the stallion Teunis 332 and out of the star preferent mare Lobke Y (sire: Nammen 308). He was a proud stallion. Fridse was most known for producing baroque type offspring. He was 17 hands tall and passed on his height to many of his offspring. Many Friesian enthusiasts loved his tippy ears and generous feathering. Fridse’s star mare percentage averaged about 50% year after year.

Fridse was lovingly owned by Louis and Julia Dorfman of Dallas, Texas and Jim and Sally Bedeker of Morris, Illinois. He stood for breeding at the Friesian Connection Stallion Station, Inc. in Dorr, Michigan.
Fridse was a very special stallion and he will be greatly missed.

To see Fridse’s pedigree and Stallion Data Sheet click here.

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  • Only frozen semen available
  • Born:  April 26, 2001
  • Deceased:  October 30, 2018
  • Height:  17.0 hands
  • Sire:  Teunis 332 Sport
  • Dam:  Lobke Y. Star + Preferent
  • Dam’s sire:  Nammen 308
  • Stam 74
  • Kinship:  17.0%
  • 50% star mare percentage
  • Allowable white: 15.6%
  • Non-Allowable white: 6.2%
  • EVA status:  Negative and Vaccinated  (tested by Gluck Equine Research center; University of Kentucky and confirmed negative – February 29, 2016 semen and blood sample.  Vaccinated with ARVAC, Zoetis by Jim Connell, DVM
  • Fridse does NOT carry the gene for Dwarfism or Hydrocephalus
  • Blood type for Fridse; click here: Fridse blood type
  • Fully approved on offspring
  • High star mare percentage – consistently 52% and higher year after year.
  • Tall, elegant stallion who passes his height on to his offspring
  • One of the highest rated stallions in all of North America for improving both the trot and the walk on his offspring

Breeding Contract

No longer available for breeding with fresh cooled semen.  Frozen semen is all sold, no longer available.

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