Matthys 504 Sport

Norbert 444 Sport Preferent x Beart 411 Sport Preferent
*SOLD OUT* more coming in 2020
**Frozen semen only**
Includes a Live Foal Guarantee


Matthys 504 resides in the Netherlands where he stands at stud.

The Friesian Connection has frozen semen to Matthys 504.  To learn details on how you can breed your mare to Matthys go to the breeding contract page on this website.

To see the KFPS 2019 stallion report that has all the actively breeding stallions information, including Matthys click here.


Frozen semen available through the Friesian Connection (see breeding contract for details)

• Born: April 28, 2012
• Height: 16.2 hands
• Sire: Norbert 444 Sport Preferent
• Dam: Wylster H –  Star
• Dam’s sire: Beart 411 Sport Preferent
• Stam: 02
• Frozen semen only  $1500 breeding fee with Live Foal Guarantee, $350 collection/freezing fee for 2 doses of semen
• NON CARRIER of both Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus
• 18.7 % kinship
• 0.0 % allowable white markings
• 0.0% not allowed white markings
• “Sport” predicate

Breeding Contract

NOTE – 2019 inventory for Matthys is all SOLD.  More coming in early 2020.  Please contact us to reserve Matthys for 2020.

The Friesian Connection has frozen semen to the stallion Matthys 504!   All contracts received by March 15, 2019 will receive a discount of $50 off the initial collection/freezing fee.   Supply is limited so place your order soon.

The frozen semen for Matthys includes a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.  This special offer includes the option that if your mare is unsuccessful in obtaining a pregnancy with frozen semen, the mare owner has the option to transfer the breeding to fresh cooled semen from one of the participating stallions standing at the Friesian Connection Stallion Station.  No additional breeding fee would be due.  The only fee would be for collection and shipping of the fresh cooled semen.  Details are in the 2019 breeding contract below.

The Friesian Connection is not able to ship the frozen semen collected in the Netherlands into Canada at this time.

2019 inventory of frozen semen has all been sold!  Contact us to reserve Matthys semen with our next shipment from the Netherlands.

For important information on the management of Friesian mares for frozen semen click here: Frozen semen protocol for Friesian mares

If you or your veterinarian are new to breeding Friesians this information may be helpful for you: The reproductive cycle of Friesians