Mintse 384 Sport

Leffert Sport + Preferent x Lammert Preferent

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deceased August 5, 2015


The Friesian Connection purchased and imported Mintse 384 Sport in 2007 in partnership with Jim and Sally Bedeker of Gemini Acres Equine. Licensed by the KFPS as a breeding stallion, Mintse is fully approved on offspring and will never lose his breeding privileges. Mintse is a son of the preferent stallion Leffert 306 and the star mare Jieldou (Lammert Preferent) and was born in 1996.

Mintse has the Sport predicate behind his name. The Sport predicate is earned when a horse has proven himself as a superior horse in competition. Not only must the horse achieve a high level in sport, he must also win at a high level consistently. Mintse has earned this predicate in dressage, competing and winning at Z2 dressage in the Netherlands. Mintse has also been the winner of the Silver Whip, a special award given for success in the dressage arena. In addition to all that Mintse has been a multiple time winner of the “Zilveren Klomp”, an award given to the crowd favorite as the horse with the best trot.

To see Mintse’s pedigree and Stallion Data Sheet click here.

Update August 5, 2015

Mintse 384 Sport
Leffert 306 Sport + Preferent x Lammert 260 Preferent
March 2, 1996 – August 5, 2015

With this post we share pictures of Mintse 384 with Ellisa Kroll – 17 year old daughter of Amy and Kyle Kroll (Friesian Connection Stallion Station) and grand daughter of Bob and Arlene DeBoer. Just moments after these pictures were taken, Mintse  collapsed and died of a sudden heart attack.

While we grieve at his loss, we can truly say that this stallion brought so much joy and excitement into our lives and it has been an honor to have been his caretakers for the past 9 years. He was the “king” in our barn and he will be greatly missed.

Mintse was born in the Netherlands at the farm of R. Algra. Several years later he was purchased by Tilly Lont who owned him during the 6 years he stood at stud in the Netherlands. His trainer/rider there was Ingeborg Klooster.

In 2007 Mintse was purchased by Bob and Arlene DeBoer (Michigan) in partnership with Jim and Sally Bedeker and began his North American breeding career. He was the first approved breeding stallion to ever hold the “Sport” predicate in North American. Mintse set the record for the highest number of breedings for a KFPS stallion in one breeding season with 153 mares covered in the year 2008 (U.S.). That record has held firm until just this year when his own stable mate surpassed it.

In addition to his work in the breeding shed, Mintse traveled throughout the United States to many FHANA sponsored events including the Friesian Extravaganza and being part of the 10 stallion Friesian Train at the World Equestrian Games.
Mintse was the 2005 KFPS World Grand Champion Stallion. His legacy lives on in his 2 approved sons Tsjalle 454 (3 time KFPS Reserve Champion Stallion) and Date 477 and also his grandson Jehannes 484 (2015 KFPS World Grand Champion Stallion).

We ask that you join us in celebrating his life and the huge impact he had on the Friesian breed.

The Friesian Connection Family
Amy Kroll and Janice VerMerris (Stallion Station)
Bob and Arlene DeBoer
Jim and Sally Bedeker
And Ellisa Kroll – who rode Mintse this spring and summer, earning some of her scores for her USDF Bronze Medal with Mintse as her mount. She loved Mintse so much. They both shared a beautiful “mane”. Being part of Ellisa’s high school senior pictures was the very last thing he ever did and we will cherish these pictures forever.

Mintse and Ellisa Kroll

From Amy Kroll:

There aren’t enough words in the world to describe everything special about Mintse 384 Sport. Not possible for a legend. So I’ll just share a few special things. Mintse came to our farm after Jorrit and Rintse were disqualified from breeding. So Janice and I thought we were done with the breeding business. Not so says my Dad (Bob DeBoer), Mom (Arlene DeBoer) just bought Mintse from her friend Tilly Lont. I stand in awe as I’m thinking a KFPS world champion is coming to my farm. Wow! I fell in love with him the first second I saw him as did everyone. He was always the sweetest and kindest stallion. There was no bad behavior in him ever.
He was famous for his powerful trot and always would show it for anyone who wanted to see it. His stall was his quiet place and for those who would visit him there he would prefer to stand in the back corner away from too many people. For us, who he loved, he would stand right by the door, expecting scratches and hugs for as long as possible.
For anyone lucky enough to ride him; You would know, he likes you to sit still and then he would do anything you ask. I could not, so for me he would mostly say let’s just walk for your safety or maybe a little canter but my trot is not for you.
So I was very content to be his handler. Mintse would always be taken to the breeding shed first as I never wanted him to be disappointed if he couldn’t be first. If he wasn’t needed on a particular day I would at least take him outside to be in pasture where he loved to be. We always let him be a horse. Mintse loved to be in his pasture near the mares so he could always see them. He was a fair weather horse. If it was rainy or heavy snow he would want to be in the barn. So I always made sure we put him in when he wanted to be inside. You would know when he wants to come in because he would be by the gate waiting, with the look of get me outta here. Mintse had a couple blond ponies that he loved dearly. They were his inspiration for the breeding shed. His first pony was Winnie and when she died of old age He was so sad that she was gone so we got him a new Pony named Cloud and he adored her.
So my daughter has been riding Mintse for a while now just to keep him fit and she and him did so well together. We decided kinda last minute to take him to a dressage show in May so that Ellisa could possibly earn her bronze medal. Amazing to do this as he hasn’t competed in years not only contributing to her bronze medal but scoring over 70% winning high point at the age of 19. Even Ellisa commented that I’m so happy I could sit his trot.
Then we come to the day of Ellisa getting her senior pics taken on Wedneday morning. A beautiful cool morning. Ellisa for sure wanted pics with him. He always knows how to pose for the camera. We had him so shiny that day as Ellisa got on him she kinda of slid off the other side as he was so sleek and he just waited for her to get in the right position. He was very happy that morning and he looked 1/2 his age.
I will say I’m so thankful on all that he accomplished in his life, and the incredible offspring he left us. It would be just like him to make sure we have these last beautiful photo’s of him before he left us.


• Born: March 2, 1996
• Height: 16.0 hands
• Sire: Leffert Sport + Preferent
• Dam: Jieldou Star + Preferent
• Dam’s sire: Lammert Preferent
• Stam: 25
• Fully approved on offspring
• 2005 KFPS World Grand Champion
• 2006 KFPS World Reserve Champion
• Winner of the Zilveren Klomp 2003, 2004, 2005
• “Sport” predicate
• One of the highest rated stallions in North America for improving the trot on his offspring
• One of the highest rated stallions in North America on “sport-ability” of offspring
• Winner of the Silver Whip in dressage
• One of the highest rated stallions standing in North America for improving “Racial Type”
• Luxurious, long mane and forelock
• Over 100 breedings in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
• Stud fee: $2000
• Multiple mare incentive: Buy 3 breedings to Mintse, get one free

Breeding Contract

Only frozen semen available.  Contact us for details at


• The Mintse offspring must have been conceived in North America from semen shipped from the FC Stallion Station (2007 or after).
• This must be the first time the horse has received a first premie as an adult (3 years or older). Note: they are not eligible to win year after year.
• If a horse initially earns a 2nd or no premie as an adult, but gets a 1st premie at a keuring at a later day – it will qualify as long as it was bred in North America.
• This program will apply to all 1st premie mares and geldings, plus all stallions invited to the 70 day test(since stallions are not awarded premies).
• The award is $2000 for each qualifying horse and will be split 50/50 between the breeder and the owner.If the breeder and the owner are the same, they will receive the full $2000 prize money.
• Prize money will be awarded to the recipients following the North American Keurings each year.