Tjaarda 483 Sport Elite

Time 398 x Lolke 371


The Friesian Connection Stallion Station Inc. (Amy Kroll and Janice VerMerris) acquired Tjaarda in November of 2015 in partnership with Jim and Sally Bedeker of Gemini Acres Equine and in 2016 was imported to the US from the Netherlands.   Tjaarda is a son of Time 398 and the star preferent mare Daisy W (Lolke 371) and was born in 2006.

In 2012 Tjaarda was voted Horse of the Year by the KFPS membership.  He was licensed by the KFPS as a breeding stallion in 2014.  Tjaarda has the Sport predicate behind his name. The Sport predicate is earned when a horse has proven himself as a superior horse in competition. Not only must the horse achieve a high level in sport, he must also win at a high level consistently. Tjaarda  has earned the “Sport” pedigree in 3 disciplines; Dressage, Show Driving and Driven Dressage. 

In 2017 Tjaarda became one of the very few KFPS stallions to earn the Elite predicate.  He is currently the only stallion standing in North America with this predicate and the only stallion in the world who is actually DOUBLE ELITE.  There are 2 ways the KFPS has deemed possible to have the Elite predicate added to the stallions name.  #1 is to have successfully competed and earned enough points to qualify for the SPORT predicate in 3 disciplines.  Tjaarda already accomplished this in 2015.  #2 is to have competed successfully with 5+ scores at FEI dressage.  Tjaarda, with his rider Ellisa Kroll accomplished this in June of 2017 at Prix St. George, where Ellisa also completed all the requirements to earn her Silver Medal from USDF.

2018 finds Tjaarda and Ellisa competing at I-1 dressage and schooling Grand Prix.  Keep watching this fantastic team!Tjaarda and Ellisa are sponsored by Espana Silk Products , Equus Couture , Tribute Equine Nutrition  and Shawn Matherly Farrier LLC

To see Tjaarda’s pedigree and Stallion Data Sheet click here:  Tjaarda’s stallion data sheet

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  • Born: March 26, 2006
  • Height: 16.3 hands
  • Sire:  Time 398 (2003 KFPS stallion show champion stallion)
  • Dam:  Daisy W Star + Preferent
  • Dam’s sire:  Lolke 371 Sport
  • Stam 32
  • 2012 KFPS Horse of the Year
  • “Sport” predicate – in 3 disciplines; Dressage, Show Driving and Driven Dressage
  • “Elite” predicate – earned twice!  #1 for the triple sport accomplishment and #2 in FEI dressage (Prix St. George level)
  • Luxurious, long mane and forelock
  • Kinship 16.6%
  • Allowable white 2.40%
  • Non-allowable white 0%
  • Tjaarda does NOT carry the gene for Dwarfism or Hydrocephalus
  • Blood Type – click here: Tjaarda blood type
  • Stud fee $1000

EVA status:  May 18, 2018  We are pleased to announce that after repeat testing Dr. Peter Timoney has informed us that Tjaarda is NO LONGER a carrier of EVA.  He has cleared the virus from his semen!   Tjaarda was tested in 2016 for EVA and was confirmed as a carrier of the virus in his semen.  (tested by Gluck Equine Research center; University of Kentucky – February 29, 2016 semen and blood sample.  Vaccinated with ARVAC, Zoetis by Jim Connell, DVM.  This carrier status may or may not be temporary and we will have Tjaarda retested periodically.  Mares bred to Tjaarda should have their blood tested to see if they already have antibodies to EVA.  If they do not have any antibodies they should be vaccinated with the vaccine for EVA (ARVAC, Zoetis)  at least 21 days prior to being bred to Tjaarda.

For more information on EVA please click here:

Peter J. Timoney, MVB, MS, PhD, FRCVS from the Gluck Research Center, University of Kentucky is the O.I.E. Designated World Expert on Equine Viral Arteritis as well as Equine Rhinopneumonitis and is a great resource for more information on Equine Arteritis Virus.  Credentials and contact information for Dr. Timoney can be found  here:

A message to the Friesian Connection from Dr. Timoney:  “I would strongly encourage you not to be discouraged nor consider gelding Tjaarda because of his current carrier state.  Some stallions spontaneously clear themselves of the carrier state, sometimes after a period of several years.  Tjaarda may be one such stallion!

Regarding the EVA Herd Plan provided, it does contain many of the bio-security measures that I would support.  Based on past experience,  outbreaks of EVA have often been traced to the interstate shipment of fresh-chilled or frozen semen from unannounced carrier stallions.  Some of the disease events have been financially disastrous for the uninformed breeder who assumes that the semen they wish to use is safe and does not contain any infectious agent.  State Regulatory Officials vary greatly with respect to the importance they place on EVA.  That said, it behooves those of us in this industry to do what we can to ensure that we are not directly or indirectly responsible for an outbreak of this disease.  You would be a “poster example’ of best management practice for this infection which you should be encouraged to post on your website.  I have every confidence that you will be prompted to do what is best in preventing  any adverse consequences to shipping semen from Tjaarda.  Remember to keep this infection in perspective and not let it overshadow the genetic value of a stallion such as Tjaarda in improving the long-term quality of the breed.”

With kindest regards,

Peter Timoney

To watch a 30 minute video on EVA by Dr. Peter Timoney  click here:

Breeding Contract

Tjaarda 483 Breeding Contract for 2018

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