About Us

The Friesian Connection is a family business started in 1984 by Robert and Arlene De Boer when they imported three Friesian Star mares from the Netherlands. From there, it expanded into a well-established breeding program, training, selling, and importing horses from the Netherlands.

At the present time we have over 50 Friesian horses on our farm. While the entire family helps with the care of the horses, Robert is in charge of sales and Sara manages the herd of mares. Janice and Amy are the stallion managers and are trained in artificial collection and insemination. They attended Michigan State University's Equine Artifical Insemenation and Breeding Management Short Course and completed their training with Karen Berk, an equine reproduction specialist.  More advance training from Jos Mottershead of Equine Reproduction added success in dealing with problems mares.  Freezing semen was added in 2015 after one on one training from Doeke Hoekstra of the Netherlands.

Believing in the theory that the herd educates its members, you will find many of our horses grouped in small herds. Thankfully our farm consists of over 400 acres of land, with 80 acres as pasture for horses. Young horses learn respect from the older herd members. The human touch is added with the help of Bob and Arlene's 8 children and many grandchildren all who live close to the family farm.

We welcome visitors to our farm to look at our many fine horses for sale, or simply to talk about Friesians. Please contact us to arrange a visit.  We are closed on Sundays.

Bob Arlene with Mintse gs