Julius 486

Norbert x Beart
(standing in the Netherlands for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 breeding seasons)
**Frozen semen available**


For the 2019 breeding season Julius will remain in the Netherlands.   Frozen semen to US clients is available through the Friesian Connection.  Frozen semen to Canadian clients is available through Kettle Creek Friesians https://www.kettlecreekfriesians.com/

In 2015 the KFPS approved the stallion Julius 486 (Norbert 444 x Beart 411) for breeding.  Owned by Jack VanderKooy of Kettle Creek Friesians in Ontario Canada, Julius 486 stood at stud at the Friesian Connection Stallion Station Inc. in Dorr Michigan through August of 2016.

Julius earned exceptional high scores in his central proving. Riding: 89, Driving: 89, Show Driving: 93. The highest ever earned in North America, and tied for the highest in the Netherlands! Comment from KFPS stallion selection jury member Harrie Draaijer “This is a very, very special stallion”.

At note from the owner of Julius 486, September 14, 2016

“Following another very successful breeding season in North America, Kettle Creek Friesians would like to announce that KFPS stallion Julius 486 (Norbert 444 sport X Beart 411 Sport + Pref.) will be flying to The Netherlands this week. There he will come under the care of Sjoerd Meekma and Greetje Swart of SBH-Horses in Rijs, Friesland.

Our intention is to give Julius exposure to the Friesian mare population in Europe for at least the next two years. Additionally, we want Julius to have the chance to compete in Sport against his peers in The Netherlands. We are confident that he will make us proud!!

After being approved by the KFPS and given a breeding licence in early 2015, Julius 486 has been standing at stud at The Friesian Connection in Michigan for the past two breeding seasons. We are very grateful to Amy Kroll and Janice DeBoer VerMerris for expertly managing Julius’s stallion services during that time. Janice calls Julius an amazing stallion who just gets better and better. She says “He is super smart, super supple and just a joy to work with. We are going to miss him, but we know that he will come back one day as an even bigger superstar than he is right now.”.

In the coming three weeks, Julius’s very first foals will be showing up at the North American Keurings where approximately 60 are registered to appear. We are very excited to see them show themselves off and we know they will do their sire proud.

Thank you to all the breeders in North America who have supported Julius 486. He is such a blessing to us and we wish you all the best of luck with his offspring.”

Jack & Margaret Vanderkooy and Family
Kettle Creek Friesians

We anticipate Julius will return to stand at stud at the Friesian Connection in a few years.  In the meantime, we do have frozen semen from Julius 486 available.  Cost for frozen semen is $1500 for 2 doses.  If more than 1 pregnancy is obtained, and additional $1500 will be owed for each pregnancy after the 1st one.  NO LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE WITH THE FROZEN SEMEN

To see Julius’ pedigree and stallion data sheet click here

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  • Born:  April 24, 2011
  • Sire: Norbert 444 Sport
  • Dam:  Wietske van de Anne Hoeve
  • Dam’s sire:  Beart 411 Sport
  • Height:  16.3 hands
  • Stam 100
  • Kinship 18.3%
  • EVA Status:  Negative and Vaccinated (tested by Gluck Equine Research center; University of Kentucky and confirmed negative – February 29, 2016 semen and blood sample.  Vaccinated with ARVAC, Zoetis by Jim Connell, DVM on February 29, 2016)
  • Julius does NOT carry the gene for Dwarfism or Hydrocephalus
  • Blood type for Julius; click here: Blood type for Julius
  • Frozen semen available  $1500 for 2 doses.  No Live Foal Guarantee with the frozen semen.

Breeding Contract

The Friesian Connection has frozen semen in stock for Julius 486.  It is available for US customers only.  Canadian clients should contact https://www.kettlecreekfriesians.com/ to obtain frozen semen for Julius.

2019 Julius 486 contract for breeding with Frozen Semen  ** There is NO Live Foal Guarantee for the frozen semen from Julius 486

frozen semen protocol for Friesians

Fresh cooled semen will not be available in North America for the 2017, 2018 or 2019 season.  Plans are for Julius 486 to return to North America for the 2020 breeding season

The reproductive cycle of Friesians

Blood type for Julius