Meinte 490 Sport-Elite

No longer available
Meinte has returned to the Netherlands

Update:  April 2021.  Meinte is now Sport-Elite.  1st KFPS approved stallion to earn all the scores needed for his Elite predicate in the USA.  Rider: Ellisa Kroll

As of January, 2019 the Friesian Connection in agreement with the VanManen brothers of Ede, The Netherlands have leased the KFPS approved breeding stallion known as Meinte 490 Sport.  Meinte departed the Netherlands shortly after the 2019 KFPS stallion show and is now available for breeding at the Friesian Connection.

Meinte is a very luxurious, breed typical stallion with long feathers and deep black in color. Meinte stands out for his very good confirmation, he is beautifully built uphill and has a nice shaped neck. Meinte has a strong back and  he has superb quality in his legs.

The sire of Meinte is Beart 411, the youngest stallion ever declared preferent by the KFPS.  Multiple times Beart was awarded champion  of the Stallion Show in Leeuwarden.

The dam of Meinte is the very strong breeding studbook mare Boukje C (sire Anton 343 pref.)  and with already 9 star offspring, she is double preferent (crown jewel). She brought in combination with Beart  7 star dignified offspring, underneath Meinte.  Anton 343 has recently also been declared preferent on his progeny and is a breed sire par excellence. Boukje C is followed in the pedigree by the star mare Hadassah Marja H (sire Jelmer 297). Hadassah Marja H is among other things, the mother of a selected stallion, a 1st premium star mare and a Crown Mare. This is stam 15, one of the best breeding motherlines of the studbook.

Meinte has a very high breeding value,  which is because of the strong progenitor in his father but also his very strong dam line with a lot of preferential blood.

In the performance test Meinte expressed as a fine stallion, he has a good and spacious walk. His trot is nicely long and powerful with a remarkable fast hindleg.  His canter Meinte is very good, very balanced and radiates force.

To see Miente’s pedigree and Stallion Data Sheet click here.

  • • Born: March 22, 2012
    • Height: 16.1 hands
    • Sire: Beart 411 Sport + Preferent
    • Dam: Boukje C Preferent
    • Dam’s sire: Anton 343 Sport + Preferent
    • Stam: 15
  • 48% star mares
  • EVA negative and vaccinated upon arrival at the Friesian Connection to insure Meinte will always be EVA negative
  • NON CARRIER of both Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus
  • • “Sport” predicate
  • “Elite” predicate earned April 2021 in USA with rider Ellisa Kroll
  • •2.9 % acceptable white on offspring
    • 0.8% unacceptable white on offspring
    • 18.4% kinship (relationship to the Friesian breed as a whole)
    •Stud fee: $1500

Meinte 490 Sport-Elite returned to the Netherlands in October of 2021 and is no longer available for North American mare owners.

If you or your veterinarian are new to breeding Friesian mares this information may be helpful for you:  The reproductive cycle of Friesians