Tjaarda 483 Sport Elite

Time 398 x Lolke 371
Now retired from breeding

Introducing Tjaarda 483 Sport Elite, a KFPS stallion with pizzazz! If you are looking for equine semen for your mare then you should consider Tjaarda.  He is available to mares of all breeds.

The Friesian Connection Stallion Station Inc. (Amy Kroll and Janice VerMerris) acquired Tjaarda in November of 2015.  Tjaarda is a son of Time 398 and the star preferent mare Daisy W (Lolke 371) and was born in 2006. 

In 2012 Tjaarda was voted Horse of the Year by the KFPS membership.  In 2014 Tjaarda was awarded KFPS Silver Bowl winner.  He was licensed by the KFPS as a breeding stallion in 2014.  Tjaarda has the Sport predicate behind his name. The Sport predicate is earned when a horse has proven himself as a superior horse in competition. Not only must the horse achieve a high level in sport, he must also win at a high level consistently. Tjaarda  has earned the “Sport” pedigree in 3 disciplines; Dressage, Show Driving and Driven Dressage. 

In 2017 Tjaarda became one of the very few KFPS stallions to earn the Elite predicate.  He was the first stallion standing in North America to obtain this predicate and the only stallion in the world who is actually DOUBLE ELITE.  There are 2 ways the KFPS has deemed possible to have the Elite predicate added to the stallion’s name.  #1 is to have successfully competed and earned enough points to qualify for the SPORT predicate in 3 disciplines.  Tjaarda already accomplished this in 2015.  #2 is to have competed successfully with 5+ scores at FEI dressage.  Tjaarda, with his rider Ellisa Kroll accomplished this in June of 2017 at Prix St. George, where Ellisa also completed all the requirements to earn her Silver Medal from USDF.

For 2018 FHANA began it’s own Horse Of The Year award and Tjaarda 483 Sport Elite has become FHANA’s very first horse to be Horse of the Year. Tjaarda previous earned this distinction with the KFPS in the Netherlands.

2019 was a very exciting competition year for Tjaarda and Ellisa – together this team qualified and competed very competitively at I-1 for USDF region 2 and in the US Dressage Finals – a remarkable feat for a KFPS breeding stallion to be going strong and being noticed in a field of Warmbloods (and with a 21 year old rider).  This team also took World Champion ribbons at the IFSHA World Show for both I-1 dressage and English Show Hack (both open and junior divisions).  Keep watching this fantastic team!  Tjaarda and Ellisa are sponsored by Espana Silk Products , Equus Couture , Tribute Equine Nutrition  and Shawn Matherly Farrier LLC

January 20, 2021  The KFPS has issued a letter putting the breeding license for Tjaarda 483 on hold due to not enough of his progeny having been inspected.  The KFPS registry has a policy in which approved breeding stallions must have 40 adult offspring inspected and 20 adult offspring complete the ABFP testing in order to have their breeding license renewed.  This is to provide breeders with valuable information when choosing a stallion for their mares.  The majority of adult offspring from Tjaarda 483 reside in the USA.  Sadly, because of the Corona virus pandemic, there were no inspections in North America in 2020. As of December of 2020 only 11 of Tjaarda’s offspring have been inspected as adults and only 3 have completed the ABFP program.  Tjaarda’s star mare percentage is currently 50% and we were hopeful that the KFPS would consider giving Tjaarda another year of breeding since the reason we don’t yet have 40 adult offspring inspected is largely because of pandemic.  COVID-19 has resulted in negative outcomes for many people and Tjaarda too is a victim.  We believe in Tjaarda.  His accomplishments are many and we are very impressed with his offspring here in the USA.  Tjaarda will continue to be available to mares of all breeds.  Offspring born in 2022  onward out of KFPS mares will be registered in the B book.  All of Tjaarda’s offspring born in 2021 and prior are main book registered. His stud fee is now $750.

To see Tjaarda’s pedigree and Stallion Data Sheet click here:  Tjaarda’s stallion data sheet

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  • Born: March 26, 2006
  • Height: 16.3 hands
  • Sire:  Time 398 (2003 KFPS stallion show champion stallion)
  • Dam:  Daisy W Star + Preferent
  • Dam’s sire:  Lolke 371 Sport
  • Stam 32
  • 2012 KFPS Horse of the year
  • 2014 KFPS Silver Bowl winner
  • 2018 FHANA Horse of the Year
  • “Sport” predicate – in 3 disciplines; Dressage, Show Driving and Driven Dressage
  • “Elite” predicate – earned twice!  #1 for the triple sport accomplishment and #2 in FEI dressage
  • Luxurious, long mane and forelock
  • Kinship 16.72%
  • 2022 and onward KFPS offspring will be B book registered due to not enough offspring evaluated in 2020 because of the Corona virus
  • Allowable white 6.5%
  • Non-allowable white 1.4%
  • 50% star mares
  • Tjaarda does NOT carry the gene for Dwarfism or Hydrocephalus
  • Blood Type – click here: Tjaarda blood type
  • Stud fee $750

Retired from breeding at the end of the 2023 breeding season so no longer available

Tjaarda is available to mares of all breeds. Please note that KFPS registered mares bred to Tjaarda in 2022 will have their offspring registered in the B book of the KFPS

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